Dr. Kyle Peterson Joins VitaliSee as Senior AI Research Scientist

Peterson brings human systems and complex time-to-event forecasting AI expertise

Coralville. IA (Aug. 25, 2021) – VitaliSee, a division of Malum Terminus Technologies Incorporated that developed an artificial intelligence (AI) software platform to optimize health and human performance and prevent injuries, announced today that Dr. Kyle Peterson has joined its mission as Senior AI Research Scientist.

“Kyle is VitaliSee. His deep knowledge of complex scientific formulations and his practical knowledge of athletics and physical training translates perfectly into our market,” said VitaliSee CEO Scott Keplinger. “As the inventor of our breakthrough AI engine, we’re confident Kyle will continue to lead cutting-edge research that will expand VitaliSee’s capabilities to safeguard our nation’s service members, athletes and employees.”

Peterson brings an extensive background in exercise physiology and converting scientific questions into problem formulations that can be solved. His research led to the invention of the time-to-event AI capabilities that power VitaliSee.

“The mission of VitaliSee really resonated with me,” Peterson states. “I believe that injuries can be mitigated by forecasting under the complex systems framework deployed by VitaliSee. As a former coach I understand the decision-making process of practitioners in physical training domains. This first-hand experience steers how I develop pragmatic solutions to optimize health and performance and prevent injuries.”

Peterson will be responsible for overseeing the continued development and enhancements of VitaliSee’s capabilities on both the AI technology side, and how customers will be able to use the platform. As Malum Terminus Technologies’ Senior AI Scientist, he will also play an instrumental role in future generations of IntelliSee – a breakthrough Safety and Security platform leveraging deep-learning computer vision AI.

He holds a Master of Science in Sport and Exercise Science from the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse and a PhD in Informatics with a Graduate Certificate in Biostatistics from the University of Iowa. For more information about VitaliSee, visit vitaliseeai.com

About VitaliSee

VitaliSee is a new deep-learning human system AI platform that allows practitioners to proactively know who is at risk for an injury, when an injury event will occur and why the risk is there. VitaliSee enables human resource professionals, human performance specialists and practitioners to optimize human assets such as military service members, athletes, and the workforce. For more information about VitaliSee, visit vitaliseeai.com.