Revealing Human Potential

What if you could

Predict Injuries Before They Happen
Intervene and Mitigate with Insight
Modernize Human Performance
Prove Preventative Care ROI

Now You Can!

Breakthrough AI

The Best Injury Is One That Never Occurs

VitaliSee enables trainers, human resource professionals, human performance specialists, and practitioners to optimize human capital by recognizing who is at risk, when that risk is highest, and why the risk is there in the first place.

Designed by Experts

VitaliSee was created to optimize human vitality. Built by physiologists, kinesiologists, mathematicians, and human performance experts, the VitaliSee AI platform uses machine learning to optimize human performance while preventing seemingly random injuries—like musculoskeletal (MSK) injuries—that cost organizations billions annually.

Optimizing Human Health & Performance

The human system is incredibly complex. People break down over time and unlimited variables constantly change, affecting everyone differently. Today’s impacts may not emerge until months later—if at all. The result? Musculoskeletal (MSK) and other preventable injuries cost organizations billions annually. Beyond the financial and human toll, an organization’s readiness, retention, reputation, and productivity all take a hit.

Through the industry’s only Time-to-Event forecasting, VitaliSee proactively predicts if AND when an injury will happen, so you can shift resources to prevent and mitigate injuries instead of reacting to them.

Improve performance, readiness, and ROI by enabling your people to reach their full potential.